No days, only nights.

Azure sky is adorned with fur of black panther.

With a few sparkling spot twinkling on it.

The lanes and streets are grave with no travellers.

But clamoring of house-guarders can be heard.

Everyone is deceased in their bed by respiring.

The place without crimson seems so line and abandoned.

Alack! Worst my heart moans of your absence.

Eyelids aren’t closing it’s hate to see world of fantasy.

My arms craves to cuddle you between in it.

But end up embracing frail pillow in my arms.

My heart misses you in every twist and turn.

Galam felt so lonely, when Singay left to Gasa.

Agony of being twenty miles away is unbearable.

You afar, I misses you even at the time of summoning of stars.

Dedicated to my love.

-Thinley UT Jamtsho.


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